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Tools To Imply While Interacting With Children With Autism

Do not feel baffled or overwhelmed if your child is diagnosed with Autism. A child with special needs, expects support, understanding and patience from each member of the society. Learn about the disorder and arrange a harmonious approach to support and ease their fear – which they really need.


Autism, the most common neurological condition, is connected to a constellation of disorders that appear in early childhood. Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders can be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms differ in every child and the degree of impairment also ranges from mild to severe. Social withdrawal, verbal or nonverbal communication problems and repetitive behaviour are some of the common factors of Autism. In severe cases, the patients refrain from making eye contact and may have difficulty when speaking. But with proper treatment and various post-treatment therapies, children with autism are able to live relatively normal lives.


Dr. Jim Dalton, a behavioural health expert, president and CEO of an organization called ‘Damar Services’ provides immense support to people with developmental disabilities. This group also educates the families to understand the right way in approaching the kids with autism so that they trust you.


Children with autism are unique Dr. Dalton states, “Children with autism are unique. One child with autism is not the same as the next.” The symptoms of autism differ widely in each child and the challenges that they face, make them unique. “There are some common behaviours, but every child with autism expresses it differently.”

Make An Effort To Talk To Them

Talking to kids with autism can be difficult! Attempt a conversation with them even if they are not successful in understanding or retorting. They may avoid you or turn away as they may initially not trust you.  Don’t be offended, but try to gently involve them in a conversation. They probably want to engage in a talk, but are uncertain at figuring out how.

The Impact Of Autism Varies In Every Individual With Autism

The degree of Autism ranges from mild to moderate or severe. According to Dr. Jim Dalton, “You may see a kid with severe autism who shies away from bright lights or sounds, all the way up to kids who may show over affection or inflated social interests.” One must pay attention to their areas of interest to build up a pleasant conversation.

Pay Attention To Non-Verbal Signs

Autistic kids have trouble in manipulating language as well as understanding it. They often develop certain motions or actions that may express more than the words they wish to say. A bit of attention can help you interpret the signs.

Children With Autism Can Get Their Needs Fulfilled

Dr. Dalton believes, “As human beings, we behave in ways that tend to get us reinforcement or allow us to feel relief. All the same, ways you and I are motivated to behave, so are children with autism.” A child with autism can react by inflicting self-injury, which to parents may be a confusing reaction, but could be comforting for the child. “For kids with autism, these behaviours may actually create a sense of calm, relief and control,” explained Dr. Dalton.

Understand Their Sensitivities

According to Dr. Dalton, Children with autism often experience severe sensory deficits or overreaction to sensory stimuli like lights and sounds. Crowds and overexcitement can be harmful, so Dr, Dalton urges to avoid loud noise and a cramped or suffocating environment.

Build A Support System

Seek the help of local groups and parent network organizations of children with autism. Ask the consulting physician or neuro-developmental specialists for creating an online chat group for parents of children with autism. Consult them for more information and to stay updated on the current research findings.

Thus, it is essential to provide education and engagement for people living with behavioural and developmental disabilities. Caregivers and parents must provide them support, especially when the child is severely affected.

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