Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is an intervention which aims at enhancing a child's speech skills and abilities to understand and express language, including nonverbal language.


what is speech therapy?
quite simply put, Speech therapy is an
intervention service for speech
and language disorders. Read more
does my child
need speech
If your child does not meet the age
appropriate milestones of speech,
language, and communication, despite normal
audiology testing, you may be advised to
visit a speech therapist. Read more
How does Speech Therapy
help my child with Autism?
The ultimate objective of speech therapy is to improve the
communication skills of your child on the Autism spectrum,
which is associated with symptoms that do impair his/her
language and communication skills. Read more
what does speech
therapy include?
Speech therapy includes various techniques, exercises,
activities and aids, which work towards improving
coordination of speech muscles through strengthening and
coordination exercises, sound repetition and imitation. Read more
How often does my child
need Speech Therapy?
Your Speech Therapist may suggest
the therapies to be conducted at
least 2-3 times per week. Read more
At what age
should I start
Speech therapy
for my child?
Speech therapy can be started as soon as a child
starts exhibiting the communication and language
symptoms of autism. Read more
who can provide speech
therapy for my child?
Speech Therapy for Autism is performed by a qualified the Speech
Language Pathologist who collaborates with other professionals
to modify and make efficient, the flow of messages and exchange
of information from one person to another. Read more
Can i use speech
therapy at home with
my child? is so, how?
as a parent, the best thing you can do is workin close
association with the speech therapist, as well as
occupational therapist to find ways to continue doing some
vocal, communication, or mouth exercises at home. Read more

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