Sensory Integration

At any given point in time, there are thousands of external and internal sensory stimuli that are being experienced by our body. Sensory integration is about how our brain receives and processes sensory information so that we can do the things we need to do in our everyday life.

Children with Autism are known to have problems of varying degrees with respect to Sensory Processing. Therefore, Sensory Integration Therapy is a process through which, children are exposed to different everyday sensory stimuli, in a systematic, and repetitive way, with the theoretical assumption that their body will eventually get used to the stimuli, adapt to it, and react to the same, more efficiently.


Sensory Integration Therapy
What is Sensory Integration?
Sensory Integration is the ability to process
sensory information from the world around us and
builds the foundation for learning new skills. Read more
Sensory Integration Therapy For Autism
Does my child need
Sensory Integration?
If your child does show signs of difficulty in sensory processing, such as
oversensitivity to textures, sounds, smells, fear of climbing down stairs, poor eye
contact, etc. he/she may need Sensory Integration Therapy, and you would be advised
to refer to your therapist for the same. Read more
Sensory Integration Therapy
How does Sensory Integration
help my child?
It attempts to change how the brain
responds to touch, sound, sight
and movement. Read more
Sensory Integration Therapy For Autism
What does Sensory
Integration include?
Sensory integration therapy focuses primarily on three
basic (power) senses-tactile (touch), vestibular
(movement), and proprioceptive (pressure). Read more
Sensory Integration Therapy For Autism
How often does my child need Sensory
Integration, and at what age should
I start?
Sensory Integration works closely with
occupational therapy and can be started
as and when ASD is diagnosed and also if
you suspect your child has any
sensory difficulties. Read more
Sensory Integration Therapy For Autism
Who can provide Sensory
Integration for my child?
Occupational Therapists having specialized training
in Sensory Integration can provide Sensory
Integration therapy. Read more
Sensory Integration Therapy
Can I use Sensory Integration at home
with my child; if so, how?
Parental education about the sensory issues and reason of behavior that the child exhibits
is most important to understand the child’s problem and trying to support him/her to
better cope with the environment loaded with multiple sensory inputs such as sounds,
touch, smells etc. Read more

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