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Warner’s Charitable Endeavour Provides Support To The Assisted Living Community

The plight of a child requiring enduring nursing care made Brenda Warner select nursing as her profession. Today she works with her husband, former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, to provide opportunities for the intellectually and developmentally disabled people. “It was sad to see that there aren’t a lot of options, especially for the higher functioning people with disabilities,” said Brenda.




Kurt and Brenda believe that people, regardless of incapability, must have a purpose to participate in meaningful and challenging activities. Inspired by their son Zack, who is challenged by developmental disability and blindness, they contributed millions of dollars to provide appropriate support and opportunities for those most in need. “We want all of our other kids to spread their wings and fly. Why doesn’t Zack deserve the opportunity to do the same?” Kurt said.


Warner and Brenda founded ‘Treasure House’ to help provide a supportive living community for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, like their son Zack who suffered a brain injury when he was an infant. The community serves individuals who have recently graduated from high school or those whose federally mandated services have expired. Their love for Zack influenced them to create ‘Treasure House’ to allow them to thrive in today’s society.


Treasure House is planned at the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan where the members enjoy a sense of community and independence. They are surrounded by an optimal environment to work and enjoy recreational activities while being part of a larger family. “Here’s a place where they can grow and they can thrive and they can chase after their dreams,” said Kurt. “We believe it can be life changing for thousands and thousands of families.”

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