Dance / movement Therapy entails reinforcing the mind-body approach. It helps children with autism by enhancing the awareness of mind and body that is often misplaced in these children thereby augmenting the inner accord.

Dance/movement therapy has the capacity to meet people with autism in many ways. These patients often lose the awareness of their mind and body. Since, Dance Movement Therapy focus on the mind-body approach and thus helps them in re-establishing this mind-body connection and return to harmony.

Umpteen studies have maintained the encouraging outcome of DMT in Autism. In one particular study conducted on 31 young adults with ASD measuring the result of DMT on several aspects like body awareness, sense of well-being, social skills and empathy emerged with the result that participants reported an enhanced sense of wellbeing, empathy, social skills and body awareness.

The onus of the DMT in Autism is on developing a channel for expression of varied emotions that a child with autism may go through, fostering group interaction, promoting interpersonal communication, encouraging eye contact and developing trust.