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Holidays are a brilliant way to bond with your child with Autism. This Holiday Season, our technologically savvy elves have curated a special list of Autism Apps you may find useful in interacting with your child.

Each child shows a preference; visual or auditory stimulation! As parents of Autism children, you may find yourself constantly innovating yourself in interacting with your children and making it fun for them too. Here are a few fun best free Autism Apps (iOS & Android) you can download this Holiday Season, for your child!

Autism Therapy with MITA

Available on Android & iOS


Out of all Autism Apps this is the Best Autism App of 2017 on the Healthline’s list Used by over 150,000 children with ASD as a supplement to their regular therapy Includes unlimited language and cognitive exercises designed to last for approximately 4 years Recommended by hundreds of physicians for children with ASD starting from two years of age Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism (MITA) is a unique, early-intervention application for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). MITA includes bright, interactive puzzles designed to help children learn how to mentally integrate multiple features of an object, an ability proven to lead to vast improvements in general learning. Success with MITA could overtime result in significant improvements in a child’s overall development, specifically in the realms of language, attention and visual skills. MITA develops your child’s mental-integration ability and language functions. The visual exercises follow a systematic approach for developing your child’s ability to notice multiple features of an object. MITA starts with simple exercises that teach your child to attend to only one feature, such as size or color. Over time, the exercises get more difficult and require your child to attend to two features simultaneously, such as both color and size. Once your child has practiced attending to two features, the program moves on to puzzles that require attending to three features, such as color, size and shape and then eventually to puzzles that involve attending to an ever-increasing number of characteristics.

Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism (MITA) is a unique, early-intervention application for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

ABA DrOmnibus Pro 

Available on Android & iOS


All-in-one tool focusing on resources for ABA therapy, with not just another data collection system but something more – it combines resources, ABA programs with real time data collection, reports after each session and support for cooperation with parents. Out of all the ABA Therapy Apps this is the first ABA resource app in Google ecosystem.

Autism Early Intervention App

Available on Android


Cuedin is an android based Early Intervention educational App for slow learners and children with special needs. Most students with disabilities can and do benefit from technology. Using technology has been proven to be a great equalizer in a classroom with diverse learners. While there are 1000s of Autism Apps in the marketplace, Cuedin has been specially built (with input from experts) for children with developmental delays and other special needs.

Autism iHelp – Play

Available on Android & iOS


Autism iHelp is a vocabulary teaching aid developed by parents of a child with Autism and a speech-language pathologist. Autism iHelp was inspired by the need for specific language intervention tools for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder focusing on their unique strengths and difficulty with expressive vocabulary. Autism iHelp is an invaluable tool for your child with Autism when those first words just don’t come. The colorful real-life photos are presented in an easy-to-label format. This app includes several features: 24 real world photos; it has been proven that children with Autism respond best to photos as opposed to illustrations and are very visual learners.

Let Me Talk

Available on Android & iOS


A free AAC talker app supports communication in all areas of life and therefore providing a voice to everyone. LetMeTalk is donation financed. LetMeTalk enables you to line up images in a meaningful way to read this row of images as a sentence. To line up images is known as AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). The image database of LetMeTalk contains more than 9,000 easy to understand images from ARASAAC ( Additionally, you can add existing images from the device or take new photos with the build in camera. For LetMeTalk no internet connection or mobile contract is necessary, so you can use LetMeTalk in almost any situation, like hospitals, nursing home or schools.

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