Aquatic Therapy

Among the field of alternative or complementary treatment modes for Autism, Aquatic therapy holds a strong foot holding. According to the Aquatic Physical Therapy Section of the American Physical Therapy Association, aquatic therapy or aquatic physical therapy (APT) is "the evidence-based and skilled practice of physical therapy in an aquatic environment by a physical therapist."

APT includes "treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, health, wellness, and fitness of the patient/client population in an aquatic environment with or without the use of assistive, adaptive, orthotic, protective, or supportive devices and equipment."


What is aquatic therapy?
Interventions for children on the autism
spectrum are enhanced when performed within
an aquatic environment. Read more
How does Aquatic Therapy
benefit my child with Autism?
Aquatic therapy entails benefits for the brain and
learning, psychological and behavioral benefits,
and beneficial effects on joint position sense
and muscle coordination. Read more
When can I start Aquatic Therapy,
and who should I do it from?
An aquatic therapy session can be conducted as
an individual session or group therapy session.
Our database has contact details for aquatic
therapists sorted by country, state, and city. Read more
What can I do at home
with my child?
Since aquatic therapy is associated with
exercises to be done in the water,
normally, there is not much you can
do at home. Read more

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