Occupational Therapy (OT)

As the name itself suggests, Occupational therapy is a systematic practice which assists people in developing the 'skills for the job of living', necessary for independent and satisfying lives.

It is therefore, a means of alleviating some of the social, communication, and behavioral tendencies that are associated with children on the autism spectrum.


what is occupational therapy?
occupational therapy essentially means assisting
people of any age group, that are disabled either
cognitively or physically, to achieve their full
potential in doing age appropriate 'jobs'. Read more
does my child need
occupational therapy?
if your child has difficulties in self care,
gross and fine motor skills, sensory
processing skills. academic skills,
emotional regulation or social skills,
occupational therapy would be
advisable to your child. Read more
how does occupational therapy
help my child with autism?
your child with autism spectrum disorder
(asd) may have a variety of issues for
which an occupational therapist can
provide support. Read more
what does occupational
therapy include?
occupational therapy involves the
analysis of the child's functional or
adaptive ability at home, school and in
other environments. Read more
how often does my child
need occupational therapy?
occupational therapy is never a cookie-cutter approach to
alleviating symptoms of autism and consequently, the frequency
of getting occupational therapy depends on each child
as well as each therapists. Read more
at what age should i start
using occupational therapy
for my child?
occupational therapy works best when given
to a child from a young age. Read more
who can provide occupational
therapy for my child?
normally, occupational therapy can be found in most
speciality hospitals dealing with autism, as well as
special schools. our exhaustive database can be
referred to for a list of occupation therapists,
sorted by country, state and city. Read more

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