Psychological Intervention

Psychological Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorders, is of the utmost importance. Psychological Intervention for ASD is not only of therapeutic significance, but also, a very substantial diagnostic tool.


What is Psychological
Psychological Intervention is a collective term
for the diagnostic and therapeutic aspect of
approaching Autism Spectrum Disorders. Read more
Does my child need
If your child’s cognitive development doesn’t seem age appropriate, and he/she shows signs
of Autism Spectrum Disorders, such as delayed speech development, lack of, or fleeting eye
contact, with lack of interest in playing or interacting with peers, repetitive gestures or
certain stereotypical behaviors, echolalia, etc., you may be advised Psychological
Intervention for your child. Read more
How does Psychological
Intervention help my child
with Autism?
It is essential to know your child’s
strengths and weaknesses, in order to
devise a personalised teaching or
training module for them. Read more
What does Psychological
Intervention include?
When a psychologist diagnoses your child with ASD
for the first time, they would typically perform a
comprehensive evaluation, which works as a roadmap
that identifies your child’s strengths and the areas
which need to be worked on. Read more
Which psychological assessments
help detect my child with Autism?
The psychological assessment of children with autism
requires multiple evaluators, using multiple methods
of gathering information. Read more
How often does my child need
Psychological Intervention?
As Psychological Intervention works
closely with other therapies, your
psychologist would be the best person
to suggest how often your child would
need psychological intervention. Read more
At what age should I start
Psychological Intervention
for my child?
Once you start noticing that your child’s cognitive or developmental milestones,
you are advised to take the first step towards psychological intervention,
and visit your child psychologist so that they can advise you about
the steps forward. Read more
Who can provide Psychological Intervention for my child?
A trained clinical or counseling psychologist who has specialised in Autism Spectrum Disorders. You can always go through our exhaustive database, to know about the clinical child psychologists that you can find near you. Read more
Can I use Psychological Intervention at home with my child; if so, how?
You are advised to work closely with your child’s psychologist and do the therapies and exercises as advised by them and your other therapists, to achieve the best outcome. Read more

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