How To Find The Right School For Your Autistic Child?

Autism or autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability that prevents people from responding typically towards the social and communication environment. The disorder also affects their behavioural skills involving them in repetitive and disruptive actions. Since autism is a spectrum of disorders, its effect is different in each person, according to the strength or level of the symptoms. Parents must provide the child with the best treatment and ensure that their child receives only the best education. They must enrol them in one of the best schools for children with autism to ensure that they receive the education they deserve. 

 Special Education

Special education at school continues from where the early intervention services end. For children above 3 years, special schools for children with autism provide the child with the finest education, regardless of their special needs. The education is based on an individualized education program after assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each child. The individualized set goal is met within the school walls.

Before the child is enrolled, the school faculty conducts a few necessary assessments to evaluate his/her requirements that include:

  • A play session to evaluate social skills
  • A developmental assessment
  • A speech/language assessment
  • An evaluation of current behaviour
  • An assessment of their life skills
  • A parent interview

These evaluations provide in-depth information about the symptoms and the needs of the child. They are also helpful in planning and implying additional services (therapies) for a better outcome.

The Role Of Educators

Since each child with autism has unique problems, educators adopt distinctive educational approaches. These educators or teachers create an environment that can help the child to learn the underdeveloped skills.

  •  Visuals

A child with autism can learn quickly through visuals such as colourful pictures or a video clip. This helps him/her to learn about many things such as hygiene living and skills to live more independently.  

  •  Strategies To Reduce Anxiety

A child with autism tends to react violently to any changes to the daily routine or activity. The schools for children with autism provide a visual or verbal cue to prepare him/her in advance. A change of teachers for different subjects or a change of game during the play sessions helps in reducing anxiety or anger outbursts in a child. 

  • Language 

The use of simple and clear language is used to instruct children in specialized schools for autism. Teachers avoid the use of idioms and sarcasm that are difficult for them to process.

  •  Space For Sensory Reactions

Most of the children with autism engage in stereotypic behaviours such as hands flapping, obsession towards certain objects, making loud noises, jumping, etc. They are provided with a space with items that include pillows, spinners, squishy balls, and swings to release their frustrations.  

  • Deal With Social Situations.

Parents at specialized schools for children with autism are also educated to deal with the unique needs of their child on the spectrum. They are also taught to protect them in adverse social situations like bullying and harassment by some of the members of the society.

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