Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

One of the oldest and most effective methods of understanding and modifying your child’s behavior and helping their social and emotional conduct, has been Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). It is a type of behavior therapy used extensively with Autism.


What is ABA?
Once your child is detected with Autism, one of the
most common therapies that may be advised would
be Applied Behaviour Analysis, more commonly know
as ABA Therapy. Read more
Does my child need ABA?
If your child’s functioning level is
not age appropriate, your child is
eligible for ABA Therapy. Read more
how does aba help
my child with autism?
aba helps children with autism to
become more functional and independent
in their lives by working on the
following aspects: Read more
who can provide
aba for my child?
a board-certified behaviour analyst (bcba)
provides aba therapy services. aba therapy
services also involve a board-certified
assistant behaviour analyst (bcaba) and
registered behaviour technicians (rbt’s) Read more
where can aba
be practiced?
aba can be provided at school, at home or in the community
depending on the needs of your child and the services that
are available in that particular area. Read more
at what age should i start
aba for my child with autism?
you are strongly advised to start aba as
early as possible for your child. it is
usually recommended to start before the
age of three. Read more
does aba work for high
functioning children?
aba program is designed to provide a varying level of structure
according to the need of the child. high functioning children are
better able to learn in a less structured format and the program is
adjusted accordingly. Read more
What does an
aba program
aba program involves different teaching procedures:
dtt, prt, social skills, net, vb, fba Read more
can i use aba therapy at
home with my child? if so, how?
you, as a parent, are one of the most
important people in your child’s life,
which makes you an indispensable part
of your child’s aba. Read more
won’t there be too many demands
placed on my child during aba
therapy? should i be worried?
the trust and love that you and your child
feel for each other is built on thousands
and thousands of positive, successful,
joyful interactions.
being firm when it is appropriate
is the quickest path away from unwanted
behaviors and situations, the best route
to posititve, happy experiences. Read more
what are the
materials i should
use in aba therapy?
most of the materials you would need for
aba therapy are easily available. you
can use the following: Read more

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