Chelation Therapy

This therapy is based on the possibility that Autism occurs as a result of certain heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, aluminium and arsenic, etc. in the bloodstream of the child. It is thus, a means to ‘cleanse’ the blood of these heavy metals.


What is Chelation Therapy?
Chelation is a process of eradicating or
eliminating specific heavy metals from
the blood. Read more
How is Chelation done?
Chemical agents are given
intravenously or by mouth or in
the skin. Urine levels of heavy metals
excreted are then measured. Read more
What benefits can I expect
from Chelation in my child
with Autism?
While a few cases have shown improvements in eye
contact, attention, language, cognition and social
interaction, there is not enough scientific evidence
supporting these improvements in autism. Read more
When can I do
Chelation Therapy?
Since Chelation Therapy is not a proven method of treating
autism, it can and should only be done after a blood test
has been administered by a professional. Read more
Are there any side effects?
There are a number of side
effects associated with
chelation that can be very
detrimental to a child’s health. Read more
Who can do Chelation
therapy? Can it be done
at home?
Chelation therapy should be administered only by
a specialized doctor who has expertise and
experience in this treatment. Read more

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