What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation is a process of eliminating specific heavy metals from the blood. Heavy metals like lead, mercury and cadmium have been found in high levels in some children with autism. Hence, chelation is being used as a treatment for autism associated with metal toxicity. It is hypothesized that chelation therapy may help to improve the symptoms by removing the toxic metals.

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Art Therapy, Complimentary Therapy For Autism, Autism Connect

In recent years, caregivers are seeking alternative or complimentary treatments for autism and have a wide array of options available. One such treatment is arts-based therapy. It is a natural fit for autism. It helps assuage the deficits associated with autism by channeling autistic behaviors into an expressive, creative outlet. 

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Aquatic Therapy, Complimentary Therapy For Autism, Autism Connect

What is aquatic therapy? 

The Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute defines Aquatic Therapy as "The use of water and specifically designed activity by qualified personnel to aid in the restoration, extension, maintenance and quality of function for persons with acute, transient, or chronic disabilities, syndromes or diseases". 

Simply put, aquatic therapy means making use of various physical and chemical properties of water for the treatment of various disorders.

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Animal Assisted Therapy, Complimentary Therapy For Autism, Autism Connect

Since time immemorial, human beings have shared a unique bond with various animals. The domestic dog has been a faithful companion to humans since the past 15 years (1). However, it is only recently that healthcare professionals have begun to realize what animal caregivers and everyday pet owners have known for years: that pets can have a therapeutic and calming effect on the human psyche. From petting a puppy, going for a swim with a dolphin, engaging in play activities with a dog to riding a horse, all these different activities involving animals can aid us in achieving psychological well-being.

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Yoga Therapy, Complimentary Therapy For Autism, Autism Connect

Yoga is increasingly practiced by people all over the world to improve their physical fitness, as a stress reliever, to improve concentration and lastly to enhance the spiritual experience. But, the extrapolation of yoga therapy to the treatment of a myriad of diseases has only surfaced in recent times.

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Play Therapy, Complimentary Therapy For Autism, Autism Connect

Play therapy is a form of therapy focusing on exploration, understanding and expression of emotional issues, thoughts and feelings channelized in an appropriate way. Play as a medium is intrinsically reinforcing and soothing thereby making this form of therapy exceedingly helpful in providing a suitable channel for what a child may find strenuous to otherwise communicate. Play is also an indispensable part of the development of a child in regard to the different spheres of life

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