Diet and Nutrition

There are several theories about the association of symptoms of Autism, to the gut of the child. It has also been observed that several foods or types of foods, have an effect on the child’s behavior, and response. It could also be said that children with Autism face some trouble in getting the right kind of nutrition due to certain sensory processing difficulties. Hence, a modified, or a systematic diet plan becomes an essential part of the conventional interventions for Autism.


What is the role of proper diet
and nutrition in Autism?
a healthy, nutritious and balanced, diet plan for autism
needs can make a world of difference in their ability to
learn, how they manage their emotions and how
they process information. Read more
What are the diet plans for
my child with Autism?
it is advisable to consult with your
child’s nutritionist before starting with
any particular diet plan. Read more
What food should I avoid for
my child with Autism?
Simple sugars can be very hazardous
to those with Autism. Read more
What age can I start a diet
for my child with Autism ?
It is better to start the special diet in consultation
with your doctor and your Dietitian as soon as
possible after diagnosis. Read more
Who can provide a
good Diet plan for
my child?
A specific diet or nutrition plan should only be started after consulting
the child’s pediatrician as well as occupational therapist. Our database
online also has an exhaustive list of potential nutritionists and
dietitians sorted by country, state, and city. Read more
What type of food
should I include in my
child's diet?
As parents, it is important to work
closely with the nutritionist to make
sure to follow the specific diet and
nutrition plan. Read more
Sensory Integration Therapy For Autism
How beneficial is Camel milk
for my kid with Autism!
Camel milk does have nutritional benefits, but one should consult a nutritionist before adding it to your child's diet. Read more

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