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Autism Connect is influenced by scenarios related to the heart-breaking stories of families having kids with Autism. Most of them are compelled to send their children away from homely environments to a place where their behaviour could be better controlled. We understand how heart rending to be separated from your kids.


Autism influences sensory information, social interaction, motor action, speech, etc. Autism Connect highlights the use of advanced technology to arouse the responsibilities of society towards managing children with Autism and to bridge the chasm between what is displayed outwardly and felt inward. They adhere to new kinds of investigations for providing personalized feedback to help families who participate.


Autism Connect is an ‘outreach’ and training program centre that involves various Health Resource and Services. Its primary goal is to assist the concerned families and professionals to access the programme and provide appropriate services for children, youth and adults with Autism or allied Developmental Disabilities. They work with Organizations, Practitioners, Orthopedicians, Psychologists, Therapists, and families through on-site or online teachings.  They teach participants to recognize the developmental milestones and support autism families.


What makes Autism Connect your go-to platform is because:


  • It connects people with valued information and resources
  • It educates and informs the audience through conferences
  • It passes information with the help of comprehensive magazines on Autism
  • It supports individuals and their families through local associates


Autism Connect is a podium that gives out information on autism-related issues to provide comfort and vital information to families living with autism. They also inform about the various resources and advocacy for autism-related issues.

Come! Be a part of our Autism Family where we share everything, from our stories to the latest update, and overall the warm comfort and support!
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