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About Us

What every parent of a child with Autism wants is for their child to be able to lead an independent life, have a basic education, to be able to integrate into society and get relief from their symptoms. Yet, despite going from pillar to post, from various doctors to therapists, from searching all through the internet and other information sources, they are still not able to find the most appropriate solution to their children’s problems. Autism Connect was created to bridge the gap between parents and professionals and between information and action. Whereas some parents are content with following the standard medical and rehabilitation options, there are other parents who believe in being proactive and searching out newer and alternative treatment options that they believe could benefit their child.

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Causes of Autism

Family related factors

Patient Related Factor 

Patient related factors

Family Related Factor

Mother of the child

Family Related Factor 

Father of the child

Environmental factors

Environmental Factors

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Environmental Factors 

Exposure to radiation

Environmental Factors 


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Parent Connect

Parent connect is a forum for the parents of children with autism. It is an initiative to bring together the parents of children with Autism from all over the world. On this you can start discussions about the topics that you need guidance on. By logging into parent connect you can start new topics of discussion. The parents logged into this forum can connect with each other for sharing information and their experiences.