Play Therapy

Just like with other kids, it is important for children with autism to also learn to play and interact with their peers, which they usually find difficult to do. Play therapy is an interactive and fun way of helping them feel comfortable, and communicate better, along with build their other important cognitive and sensory faculties.


What is animal assisted therapy?
What is play therapy?
Play therapy is a form of therapy which focuses on
exploration, understanding and expression of emotions,
thoughts and feelings channelized in an appropriate way. Read more
What are the benefits of animal assisted therapy?
How can play therapy
benefit my child with
Play therapy responds to the unique developmental needs
of young children, who often find it simpler to express
themselves better through play activities than through
verbal communication. Read more
When can I start Animal assisted therapy and who should it be done from?
When can I start Play Therapy
for my child and who should I
do it from?
Play therapy is a safe non-invasive therapy method
that can easily be tailored according to each child's
needs and requirements. Read more
What can I do at home with my child?
What can I do at home?
At home, it is recommended that parents work
closely with the play therapist and occupational
therapist to find methods that work well
for their children. Read more

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