The Autism Webinar Series

Welcome to the Autism Webinar Series by Autism Connect! Join remarkable therapists from over the globe, who have worked extensively with autistic individuals of different age groups, to help mould a brighter, more independent future for them.

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Past Webinars

Solutions to Sensory Issues Which Hamper the Daily Living of a Child With Autism

Saturday, 30th of May 2020

Dr. Sakshi Bhatia (OT), Director and Co-founder of FutuReady Pediatric Intervention Services

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Special Education : Getting Started at Home

Saturday, 16th of May 2020

Priya Kataria, Applied Developmental and Educational Psychologist, Vivien Vaz, Clinical Psychologist

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Physical Activity: Medicine for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Thursday, 30th of April 2020

Dr. Bala M Pillai (DPT, PCS), Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pediatric Clinical Specialist

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Tele-Speech Therapy in Autism

Wednesday, 22nd of April 2020

Nikita Kirane, Speech & Language Pathologist

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Autism : Causes, Early Diagnosis and Newer Treatments

Sunday, 19th of April 2020

Dr. Nandini Gokulchandran, M.D.(Medical Microbiology), Regenerative Medicine Consultant

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Play Therapy: Fostering Interaction In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Saturday, 18th of April 2020

Aakanksha Chitnis-Gupte, Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)

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Autism : Adolescence, Adulthood & the Curveball that is Social Distancing

Monday, 13th of April 2020

Lynne - AwesomismMom, Autism Mom Blogger

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Autism Diagnosis: Basic Screening & Assessment Tools

Sunday, 12th of April 2020

Revati Raja - Child Psychologist, Renuka Gune - Applied Psychologist

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Reading: How to Make It Fun for You & Your Autistic Child

Saturday, 11th of April 2020

Jo Meserve Mach, Author & Occupational Therapist

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Autism “Speculation” Disorders: Busting Myths & Establishing Facts

Wednesday, 8th of April 2020

Dr. Avinash De Sousa, Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

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Being Actually Autistic: Finding Ability Beyond Disability

Monday, 6th of April 2020

Rachel Barcellona, Actually Autistic, Autism Advocate & Model

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Autism Spectrum Disorders: Support Services, Behavior Management & Changing Lives

Thursday, 2nd of April 2020

Dr Zuzana Matousova-Done PhD, Chantel Snyman. B (OT)

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Storytelling: How to Engage Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

Saturday, 28th of March 2020

Dr. Vanitha S. Rao (PhD), Developmental Psychologist

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Managing Autism: How to Make a Visual Schedule and a Task Analysis

Saturday, 21st of March 2020

Dr. Neeta Mehta, Pediatric Physiotherapist

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Autism: Signs and Symptoms

Saturday, 22nd of February 2020

Gita Srikanth & Swati Narayan, ABA and ACT Therapists

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Diet & Nutrition: Pacifying the Autistic Picky Eater

Saturday, 1st of February 2020

Nilam Pacharne, Clinical Dietician

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Understanding Autism: Managing the Spectrum Across the Life-Span

Saturday, 18th of January 2020

Milind Sonawane, Senior Speech & Language Therapist

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Autism Parenting: The Best Approach to Each Challenge

Saturday, 4th of January 2020

Dr. Avinash De Sousa, Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

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Autism Education : How to Create an Inclusive Environment in Schools

Saturday, 21st of December 2019

Pradipta Kanugo, founder of Blooming Dale Academy High School

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Attention Span: Befriending Your Autistic Child’s Elusive Buddy

Sunday, 15th of December 2019

Karthik R. Rao, Developmental Physiotherapist

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Speech Therapy: Building Communication & Language Skills for your Autistic Child

Saturday, 30th of November 2019

Ms. Yaashna Rajani , Consulting Audiologist and Speech Therapist

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The Medical Side of Autism Management

Saturday, 9th of November 2019

Dr. Priti Mhatre, Developmental Pediatrician

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Sensory Integration: Things You Can Do At Home For Your Autistic Child

Saturday, 19th of October 2019

Dr. Sushant Deepak Sarang, Occupational Therapist

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Behaviour Modification & Training: The ABCs of Managing Autistic Behaviour Challenges

Saturday, 28th of September 2019

Mr Vishal Ganar, Rehabilitation Psychologist and Counsellor

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Food & Nutrition: How To Choose The Best Foods For Your Autistic Child

Sunday, 4th of August 2019

Ms Luana Mascarenhas, Dietician

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Mindfully ACT Towards Behavior Modification

Saturday, 6th of July 2019

Gita Srikanth & Swati Narayan, Gita Srikanth is the Masters in BCBA & Swati Narayan is the Masters in ABA

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Autism Moms: How To Find The Perfect Work-Life Balance

Saturday, 15th of June 2019

Ms Poonam Shah, Counselling Psychologist & Remedial Educator

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All About Autism: What Can It Mean for Your Child's Education & Daily Living?

Saturday, 18th of May 2019

Dr. Chaula Badiani, Occupational Therapist

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Play Skills in Children with Autism: Assessment and Intervention

Saturday, 11th of May 2019

Dr. Namita Shenai Vadhavkar, Paediatric Occupational Therapist

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Aquatic Therapy & Speech Therapy: A Unique Approach For a Holistic Development in Autistic Children

Saturday, 27th of April 2019

Dr. Amruta Paranjape & Nikita Kirane Speech Therapist, Dr. Amruta Paranjape, a senior Physiotherapist & Aquatic Therapy Specialist & Nikita Kirane a Speech

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Occupational Therapy & Sensory Integration: Brothers in Arms in Befriending Autism

Saturday, 13th of April 2019

Dr. Myola D’sa, Occupational Therapist

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Applied Behavior Analysis ( ABA): A Step by Step Behavior Modification Program for Your Autistic Child

Tuesday, 2nd of April 2019

Ridhima Sharma Kirolikar, Pediatric Psychologist and ABA Practitioner

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