#IAmYou – Temple Grandin – A Strong-Willed Woman With ASD

Mary Temple Grandin, an American woman with autism, is an assistant professor of animal science at Colorado State University.  She is also an autism activist and a writer too who offers advice to parents having children suspected of having the autism.


Mary Temple Grandin said, “The worst thing you can do is to do nothing. Yes, it would be good to get a diagnosis but if you can’t, you need to start working with that kid now. Teach them words. You’ve got to work with them, interacting with them.” She added, “The worst thing you can do is let them sit in a corner, rocking, tuning out.” 


Although Grandin displayed all the signs of high-functioning autism at a very young age, still she was not diagnosed with an ASD until she turned 51.With a well-established career behind her. She is a supporter of the humane treatment of livestock and a well-known author having more than sixty books on livestock handling.


She also invented “The Hug Machine,” a device that exerts the head-to-toe pressure throughout the body to ease anxiety and help individuals with ASD to relax.


Grandin also made it to the ‘Time’s 100 Most Influential People’ for revealing her involvements with Autism. She is also a supporter for the ‘humane treatment’ of livestock to treat the animals in a more humane way. She has also written many volumes on autism and livestock.


Grandin said, We’re not getting to the kids early enough. (Educators) need to be educated on what these people can do. Some are good writers; some would be very good at fixing a diesel truck. Schools have taken out the skilled trade’s classes, as you know, so these kids aren’t getting exposed to the skilled trades.” She further added, “We’re also not getting these kids to think about work early enough. They have to learn to work. I’m seeing all these teenagers getting addicted to video games.”


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