How To Put An End To Bullying And Improve Your Child’s Safety?

Bullying is every parent’s fear! Children can be a target of bullying anywhere. It is done in the form of exclusion, name-calling and at times even physical abuse which many individuals with ‘special need’ face on a daily basis.


Teen suicides are often related to bullying in schools. But how should you as a parent react when your child is being targeted by a bully? There are several steps that can make things better for your child with a disability.


Here are some tips for you on what should be done if your child with special needs is being bullied:

Stay Calm

The protective feeling for your child will certainly make you angry if he/she is being bullied. Although you may have a strong desire to punish those bullies, you still need to stay calm. Get more information from your child and plan to resolve the problem.

Talk To The Child’s Peers

Involve the teachers of the school and provide them with the names of those involved in bullying your child. This may be the right step to correct the situation.


You can also approach the other child’s (the bully’s) parent, talk to them calmly and try to resolve the matter.

Look For Additional Support

If the other child’s parents or the school does not show any concern in resolving your problem then they are violating the law. You can contact the right agencies to get a solution for your grievance.


It is time for parents, schools and societies to come together and end years of teasing and physical abuse of children with special needs. This will lead to an acceptance and inclusion of children with special needs in our society – ultimately putting an end to bullying!

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