The 3 Severity Levels Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The functional level of patients diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder depends on the severity of their symptoms. These symptoms lead to the dysfunctions and impairments of communication, behavioural and their social skills.


It is an advantage to know how psychologists and therapists diagnose and evaluate the level of the disorder helping you to detect autism in children at an early stage.


Autism Functioning Levels


A functioning level of autism in a child or an adult decides how well he/she can live independently. This is important as the treatment for different levels of autism depends on their severity.


Making the Diagnosis


Early signs of autism can be evident in a child before the age of three. Standardised tests are carried on by neurologists and therapists to diagnose autism. These various tests also determine the severity levels of autism.


There are different levels of autism that can be easily detected. The levels can be categorised into three levels. Patients of different levels need different treatment to improve the functionality of the patients.


Level 1: Requires Support

  • Social communication has noticeable impairments! Under this level, a patient may be able to talk in proper/meaningful sentences. However, interactions are missed.
  • Trouble to initiate social interactions.
  • There is a lack of ‘to and fro’ flow of conversation between people.
  • Inability to socialise and make friends.
  • Inability to organise and strategies themselves.


Level 2: Require Substantial Support

  • A deficit with verbal/nonverbal communication skills.
  • Limited or no social interaction and no respond to people trying to interact with them
  • Interaction is possible up to a limit with non-verbal communication
  • Nervousness and shyness when watched by unfamiliar faces
  • reduced ability to function and participate in their daily activities
  • Repetitive behaviour is obvious


Level 3: Require Very Significant Support

  • Patients have severe problems with verbal or nonverbal communication
  • Are less likely to reciprocate to social interaction
  • Hardly responds to people trying to socially interact with them
  • Strong or extreme restrictive /repetitive behaviours


Improvement in Functioning Levels


With the right therapy, the functions of the patients with autism spectrum can be corrected to a certain extent.  This change is possible only if they are treated at one of the best neurological hospitals like Neurogen BSI that has made a name for their services and stem cell treatment. Each severity level of autism has varied treatments that help the individual with autism enjoy a better social lifestyle.


It’s important to remember that the functioning level of an individual on the autism spectrum can change dramatically with the right therapies and treatments. The levels of severity can vary from person to person having different drawbacks to overcome. The severity level in individuals with autism, diagnosed with the same level, may be prominent in some while mild in others.


Early intervention can improve the adaptive behaviours, social functioning, behavioural issues, etc. resulting in overall improvement in the person’s ability to function normally.

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