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Parents’ Empowerment to evolve, adapt and develop by A.M.Pilipionek – Autism CookBook

Empower to move on.
To have in hands and minds the ability to help their own children. To be able to ‘lecture’ a significant other, family and friends who need any kind of good advice regarding the topic. We seek and we need to find someone who would like to hear the story and would be able to understand the issue.

The matter of being heard and understood is a real achievement, which still seems to be an uneven battle with windmills. Lack of mass distribution of all types of material with general information on autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities among children, even at preschool age and younger. It is hard to plan and implement a project, treated a bit like proverbial incandescent coal, which is generally used for juggle, but nobody wants to catch it with bare hands.

Time To Invest In Parents
My humble opinion is that it is in parents that we should invest. And address. Provide accessible information in a convenient time and place. It is the parent who is the first and the closest ‘witness’ and companion.

It’s not just sharing similar lots. First of all, it’s a great opportunity to exchange experiences, proven methods, create new ways and combine elements of different therapies. The possibility of looking from another point of view on what is happening in our individual surroundings and a great opportunity for a confrontation.

And the most important thing is to give parents tools for dynamic action.
It is thanks to parents ready for functional action that we are able to disseminate ‘colloquial’ knowledge about what works, what is worth trying and what solutions to a troublesome problem have brought the best results.

I know that what I am writing about here is trivial and there is nothing new about it. But the problem lies in that the theme of autism is no longer a total taboo, and the word ‘autism’ is still spoken whispering as the worst blasphemy.

Parents must break through, overcome shame and open their minds and hearts to others and spread their knowledge and experience. They should do this so that specialists can develop new and refine old methodologies and screening evaluation processes during periodic medical examinations. They must know how to prepare teachers and what instruments they should operate fluently and in what situations to help their students as fully and as effectively as possible.

Parents should be able to train, be trained, participate in workshops and conferences. They should be put in the first place, from where access to available knowledge is at anyone fingertips, without bureaucratic queues and scuffles. Without exception.Without the ubiquitous struggle.

There should be a clear offer of available sources and any helpful resources from pedagogical, social, psychological and therapeutic to be chosen based on what would be the most appropriate one for any single case.It is extremely important to be able to train yourself and have the opportunity to choose the formation with a particular topic of interest. Every single parent of a child with additional needs should have access and opportunity to educate himself and gain theoretical and practical knowledge related to helping his own child in the most appropriate way.

A.M.Pilipionek – Autism CookBook
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