The Research Reveals Gene’s Link To Autism

There are many researchers with multiple studies out there on Autism, However, The latest study revealed a mutation at the gene level that may lead to autism. lead researcher Gholson Lyon, an assistant professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York was on to something during his research on the human gene.


It was found that a harmful mutation in a gene called NAA15 may lead to intellectual disability, autism, motor function and delayed speech. In another study that was published last year, a team of researchers sequenced NAA15 in more than 13,000 people from across the globe. This helped them identified 13 people with a harmful mutation in the NAA15 gene. As per Gholson Lyon, the mutations in the gene are more common in people with a neurodevelopmental condition than in the general population.


This Mutation is the NAA15 gene is also known to contribute to congenital heart defects and a study on this also appeared in the American Journal of Human Genetics on the 3rd of May.


However, when it comes to Autism and other neurological disorders, Lyon and his colleagues are still researching and looking out for people with mutations in NAA15 and the related gene NAA10 which is also implicated in developmental delay.


Source: Spectrum News

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