#IAmYou – Stephen Wiltshire – An Autistic Artist Who Sketches Cities From Memory

Considered as one of Britain’s best-known artists. Stephen Wiltshire is an architectural artist and an autistic scholar. Detected with autism at the age of three, he is now well-known for producing exceedingly detailed scenes on canvass after just a short glimpse. After viewing the aerial of Mexico City, Stephen Wiltshire drew the entire cityscape on a 13-foot canvas.


As a kid, he started drawing the buildings he saw around London with perfect and minute detail. He admired the layout and landmarks and had a sharp memory. “His passion became obsessive,” said his sister Annette.


Language didn’t come easily till he was 9 and by the age of 13, he published his first book of drawings. The late author and neurologist, Oliver Sacks, said, “His vision is valuable, it seems to me, precisely because it conveys a wonderfully direct, conceptualised view of the world.”


“Stephen has no understanding of autism,” adds Annette. “However he does understand that he is an artist, an artist in his own should not be labelled with this title. It’s important to concentrate on his talent and how he has overcome his hurdles.”


In 2005, he was hired by companies and private collectors to commence on the drawings of cities like:


  • The Tokyo skyline
  • Hong Kong
  • Rome
  • Frankfurt
  • Madrid
  • Dubai
  • Jerusalem
  • London
  • New York


He is keen to visit and draw Montreal and Canada and etch them on his canvass.


Stephen, although autistic, has achieved (what a few of us don’t), a significant representation and investigation of the world.



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