#IAmYou – Justin Hansen – Did The Impossible At The Football Field

Justin Hansen at 16 was a big kid nearly 6-foot-5 when in his junior year at the Longmont High School. Even though he was the ‘big kid’ on his block, he was often bullied. Eye contact and human interaction were difficult for Hansen. This caused a lot of pent-up emotions that exploded on the football ground making him the best offensive lineman.


Initially, Justin hated football but if his father hadn’t dragged him to the football field, Justin would be in his basement playing video games. He hated the other players and the coaches. For them, he was just a tall kid with Asperger’s – a charity case.


Later Justin became an exceptional defensive lineman that many colleges needed. He got a ‘Division I scholarship’ at the Colorado State University and became one of the most sought after players. He also began to make friends and learned to laugh and strike a conversation. Hesitancy tags along with Asperger’s! But with gradual maturation, Justin could look directly at the person and shake hands too.


“People face great challenges at work, in love and leisure. I want people to remember to never give up, to keep an open mind. Don’t get discouraged, because you never know what the future may hold for us. There are always new possibilities,” said Justin Hansen.


#IAmYou“ Please don’t give up.”


  1. My son a Wide Receiver in Denver High School with autism. He is very good as a sophomore and wants to play in college. Would love to connect w other football players on spectrum.

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