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Top 10 Best Autism Therapy Centres – Expressed by Parents

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder associated with a wide range of problems with social, communication and behavioral skills. All these prevent the child to function and lead a normal life. If a child does not reach the milestones at his/her unique pace, follow the normal developmental path or learn the essential skills needed for an independent day to day living, then this calls for a visit to the best autism centre.  

Abnormal genes, toxic, and infections, along with maternal influences like stress and malnutrition are highly responsible for preventing the brain to develop normally during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood stages. Due to these reasons, the brain is unable to develop in terms of growth and maturity.

Children with autism require some level of support to learn how to overcome their problems throughout life through therapies. As a parent, planning for your child’s future such as academic, employment, and independence require support and treatment at the best autism therapy centres to make the recovery process quicker and smoother.  

 The awareness of the disorder has increased rates of diagnosis and the parents hope to treat their children an autism centre. Some of the best autism therapy centres that cater to the various needs of children and adults on the spectrum across India. They provide therapies right from occupational therapy to music therapy and are doing marvelous work.

1. NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute 

NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute

NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute established the ‘Autism Child Development Centre’ to make available the best therapeutic intervention through various rehabilitation therapies all under one roof. Their rehabilitation team offers treatments in a child-friendly environment with services that include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and psychological intervention along with counseling for parents and caregivers. 

2. CATCH (Bhubaneswar)

Centre for Autism Therapy, Counselling and Help

Centre for Autism Therapy, Counselling and Help (CATCH) is an autism centre based in Bhubaneshwar. This group is managed by parents who try to reach out to other families by sharing their experiences and offering them tips in managing their children with autism. At the centre, children are taught various skills for a better future.

3. Adarsh Charitable Trust – Cochin

Adarsh Charitable Trust

Adarsh Charitable Trust’ offer useful services to children with autism. The centre aim at improving the disabilities they face through therapies that include aqua therapy, play therapy, speech therapy, and music therapy. They work hard to bring about an amazing change in them by improving their cognitive, communication and social skills. 

4. Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism (ASHA) – Bengaluru

Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism

Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism’ is a school that utilizes the child’s potential to educate them. The programs consist of group therapies such as exercises and play therapy and plans that cater to the needs of each child. The aim of this academic centre for autism is to rehabilitate each child as a productive member.

5. Tanay Foundation – Ahmedabad

Based in Ahmedabad, Tanay Foundation provides topnotch education to children with autism along with pre-vocational and vocational training. The experienced staff conduct exercises and provides speech and occupational therapy to the kids, to try making life better for children. They pledge to bring the benefit of special education one step closer to their students.  

6. Utkarsh – Patna

Utkarsh Autism Center

Utkarsh tends to the academic needs of children with autism, cerebral palsy and intellectual disability. Their team of experts comprises of yoga instructors, speech therapists and occupational therapists who work in unison to guide and help children to attain their potential.

7. Aarambh Autism Center – Aurangabad

The mission of this autism therapy centre is to bring a tremendous positive change and to provide education to children and adults with autism. The staff here make use of various therapies and also provide counseling and guidance to children and their families.

 8. Care 4 Autism – Secunderabad

Care 4 Autism

This is an autism-friendly care 4 autism centre that concentrates on providing educational programs and therapies to their students. They have excellent with a sensory park and an excellent OT Room that is managed by staff who are trained and loving towards the children. They also involve parents and caregivers in creating awareness about Autism.  

9. Prafull Oorja – Bengaluru

Prafull Oorja

This not-for-profit organization is run by two ladies from the US who dedicate their lives to improve the lives of children with autism through yoga. At the yoga sessions, children are taught asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, and meditation.

10. Tarang – Chennai

The Tarang centre based in Chennai is meant for children with special needs. They are taught to experience the joys of various art forms like music, dance, and drama. This autism centre allows children to recuperate through the therapeutic effects of creative arts.

 According to the parents, for the right kind of services at the best autism centre, early intervention can give a child the hope to grasp the best advantage in life.

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