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Autism Related Apps For Special Education

Apps are a wonderful source meant for people with special needs. Known as a myriad of disorders, the symptoms of autism vary from one person to the next, which include absence or delay in speech, lack of interest, repetitive behaviours, evading eye contact, and delay in reaching the motor milestone.

For parents, caregivers, teachers, and individuals distressed with autism, these autism-related apps can help to diagnose autism, provide the essential fine motor skills, and help them learn the basic day-to-day skill in a ‘learn with fun’ way. Some of the best apps from Autism Connect’s Directory have been rounded up to reach out to people worldwide.

However, when choosing the best autism-related apps, it is essential to measure the skills and deficits found in individuals.

Todo Visual Schedule

Todo Visual Schedule is one of the best-personalized apps for autism designed for both children and adults. It is a picture-based app tailored to keep up with the daily schedule and to allow individuals and their parents to keep track of scheduled activities. It helps to understand:

  • The tasks that need to be done
  • The time needed to accomplish one task
  • How much time is left for the task to be completed
  • The ongoing activity
  • When the next activity will begin

This app displays 14 pre-made scheduled icons to identify each task. Children can learn to choose from one of the icons, colour them or add pictures. Teachers and parents can create visual schedules, task analysis, and social stories to help children understand and follow a daily routine.

  • English
  • iPhone, iWatch, iPad
  • 3+ Years
  • Paid
  • Educational

“Trace & Share” 

The ‘Trace & Share’ application is designed to enhance fine motor skills in children with autism. The use of this application help to improve fine motor skills by tracing (through various lines) fascinating fictional stories. The app also makes the children understand social skills by working in turn and sharing ideas. With proper support from parents and teachers, children with autism can develop essential skills important for living a normal life. Trace & Share is one of the best apps for special education which includes behaviour, communications, and social skills. 

  • English
  • iPhone, iPad
  • 3+ Years
  • FREE for iPhone, iPad
  • Motor Skills, Social Skills, Behavior, Education

Talking pictures: Autism, CP

A free talker app for Android, this ‘Talking picture: Autism, CP’ supports communication for children diagnosed with neurological disorders such as autism and cerebral palsy.  It provides a voice for those with autism and cerebral palsy symptoms. This easy to use app contains images or pictures. When the child clicks on an image, the speech synthesizer speaks the phrase set up for that image. The ‘Talking picture: Autism, CP’ is fruitful in improving functional communication. A must for all verbal and non-verbal individuals.

  •  English
  • Android
  • 3+ Years
  • FREE for Android
  • Useful for Communication, Behavior, Social Skills

For individuals on the spectrum, the use of apps acts as tools to turn tablets and phones into assistive educational teaching aid to cater to their needs. These simple devices, that are used in every home, have become pieces of technology for enhancing social skills, behavior, and for improving cognitive abilities.  

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