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How Parents Can Help Their Children With Autism To Cope With Transitions And Changing Routines?

There are many things, which you as parents can do to help your child with autism overcome various challenges. But still, it is important to get the support of professionals for the best outcomes. Autism Connect provides the most appropriate solutions needed through various tools, treatment options, and addresses of doctors and therapists to be of benefit to your child. When parenting a child with autism, being emotionally strong helps you to support him/her in times when he/she needs you the most.  

Behavioral issues of your child, such as the inability to adjust to minor changes in the routine can be stressful. You can prepare your child well in advance for the changes.  

Planning for Sudden Changes

Helping your child to adjust to changes requires devised strategies to prevent sudden emotional escalations and outbursts. The child may get overwhelmed by their emotions and may display behaviors such as tantrums. Planning ahead of the transition and also letting your child know about it in advance can help in preparing him/her to overcome anxiety.

Strategies and tips that help in parenting a child with autism much easier when coping with the new changes:

Have Fun

Having fun can ease the stress of transitions. Enjoying some joy-filled days with your kids helps in fading the fear of changes into the background. You can explore the shopping mall, find new toys or colorful storybooks to create a diversion.  

Use Rewards 

A reward is an effective tool to deal with kids in dire situations. Things like sweets, stickers, or their desired snacks, can tempt them to adjust slowly to the changes. You can implement a reward system to entice your child into the habit of seamlessly adjusting to the transition. Praise and reward your child whenever he/she copes with a change. Tell the child how wonderful he/she is and get something that catches his/her fancy.

Get Ready for a ‘Calm Down’ 

Planning a foreseen ‘calming’ routine that can be of great help. As a child with autism reacts negatively towards sudden changes, you can calm them by hugging them, using soothing words, or rubbing their hands together until he/she feels relaxed or more regulated.

Find the Right Help and Support

Parenting a child with autism, demands a lot of time, patience, and energy. At times you may get overwhelmed, stressed, or discouraged. An autism support group like ‘Autism Connect’ lends a helping hand and support whenever you need. Autism Connect allows you to meet parents dealing with similar challenges. Sharing challenges and your experiences reduce isolation and stress.   

Adding Other People in Your Plan

For autism, early intervention services include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), physical therapy, speech therapy, and play therapies. These services focus on preparing a child with autism for a transition. Sometimes you may also benefit by including your child’s teacher or doctor, in your plan.

To locate local early intervention services for your child, visit the link at the end of the article.

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