Get To Know 4 Main Benefits of Music Therapy for Autism

Music is a great stress buster and a therapy for a number of conditions. Let us learn about these in details


Stimulates Both the Hemispheres of the Brain


Music Therapy for Autism can indeed by a soothing and the best form of treatment. This is simply because stress relieving music has the ability to stimulate both the hemispheres of the brain. This supports the mental, emotional and cognitive development of the neuro-center. Kids with Autism can benefit a lot from this form of therapy.


Music Therapy Greatly Influences Social Interaction


When kids with autism join a music class or a band playing session, they respond to the sounds created by each and every musical instrument. They pass and share instruments with other members of the team. They learn to listen to music and this can improve their hearing capacity and also reduce sensitivity to hearing. They are made to sing connotations. This can improve their vocal chords and subsequently help them communicate better. This is how music therapy stimulates multiple activities inside the brain and this is especially true for kids with autism.


Music Therapy Improves Behavior


Restlessness, aggression and throwing tantrums quite often are major signs visible amongst kids with autism. Music helps remove various mental blocks. Stress and anxiety levels are reduced. Kids pay more attention to listening to the music or the band that is being played. Aggressive behavior also comes down drastically among kids with autism. You can find an overall behavioral change if you enrol your child in a piano or keyboard playing session or by joining the choir singing group.


Music is Fun


As stated above, music stimulates the hemispheres of the human brain. It is fun and engaging for kids with autism to listen to the music and learn the chords. As the same music is played in a repetitive as well as in a prolonged manner, these sessions bring about significant changes in social behavior and overall cognitive ability.


The awareness of the brain to respond to social stimuli also improves significantly. This happens with amazingly cool music that is being played. The interaction between the music teacher and the kids with autism can improve their conversational skills as well.


Their manners and the way they behave at a concert can help them come out of the shell and lead more independent lives.


Below are tips to keep in mind when you enrol your child in a music class


  • Know the kind of instruments or sounds your kid is comfortable to listen to. You can play the tunes of various musical instruments on your DVD player. Say you realize your kid is averse to the sound of a violin, putting him in a violin class would make his behavior more aggressive.


  • Put him/her in a music class especially dedicated to catering to the needs of children with autism. Your kid will feel no different here and will also not be discriminated at the place.


We have seen how music therapy for autism can really help your kid perform well.


  1. Thanks for letting us know that music therapy can help relieve stress which can mean that aggressive behavior will be reduced. My husband and I are looking for new ways that we can help our autistic son since he has been becoming more violent. We will definitely have to try taking him to music therapy since it will help him relieve stress.

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