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Best FREE Autism Apps For Children

Autism spectrum disorders can be difficult and at time frustrating for the patients as well as the caretakers. Unfortunately, they may find only limited assistance available in times of emergency.

Apps are powerful communication tools for both patients with autism and for people who love and care for them. Smartphones or Tablets are powerful communication tools that use a combination of easy pre-loaded keywords and phrases to help users communicate with anyone, anywhere and at any time with ease. They can exchange ideas or queries that they encounter in their day-to-day routine.

Apart from bridging the communication gap, these APPs provide visual, verbal (videos) and non-verbal (print) along with real life experiences. They are best for helping and providing useful information patients with Autism, Asperger’s and other special neurological conditions.

Some of the free apps for autism provide educational programmes promote autism support and instruction for patients with special needs. These educational supports inform caretakers about various methods to hone the developmental skills in a child with autism by employing e-learning techniques. With a child-friendly cartoon character named ‘Mofeed’, an autism App called Autism can be easily reached by just clicking on:

The ‘Mofeed’ character is a creation by the Amera Kids Company Software Education. Keeping the child’s love for a cartoon in mind, this APP has been designed to fulfill their developmental needs. In order to meet their needs, irrespective of their geographical, language and cultural differences, this APP (Mofeed) helps parents and teachers to promoteneurological development based on the outcome of assistive technology by the group of expert researchers.

Aimed at improving and building the developmental skills in areas like emotional, cognitive, social, and communication, the teaching method of the App helps the caretakers to observe and evaluate the symptoms of the patients accordingly employ the right methodology or teaching method. This helps in the education of kids and also add support to their physical and mental growth.
Field studies have shown that children respond to the teachings of Mofeed APP helping them to be more cooperative.

This APP can also be reached via google play, at:

Some of the Best Autism APPs are:

·     Quick Talk AAC

·      Relax Melodies P: Sleep Sounds

·      Sequences for Autism – Full Version

·      Social Skills for Autism

·      Talk Around It Speech Therapy

Parents of kids with Autism have real life experiences and stories to share. So get the best autism apps that are useful to reduce the trouble of communicating. For more info visit:


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