How can medicines help my child with Autism?

You might often find yourself confused, or skeptical about the need and use of medicines for your child with Autism. While this does remain your choice, the importance of medications in managing a few symptoms of Autism, cannot be understated. Most parents have found that symptoms of hyperactivity, their child’s sleep disturbances, gut related issues, etc. have shown improvements with the help of medications. If your child has seizures, a medical intervention under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner is strongly suggested.

You can always make an informed decision with regards to what’s best for your child, once you have adequate information about the risks & benefits involved. Research has shown that 70-80% of children with autism have been prescribed medicines at some point. Along with prescription medicines, many of these children are on complimentary or alternative medicine treatment. Vitamins, Probiotics & mineral supplements are also widely used.

According to sources, there’s a severe dearth of medicines that treat the three core symptoms of autism; communication difficulties, social challenges and repetitive behavior. It has also been found that only a few drugs currently available, are effective in relieving these symptoms and the results usually vary from individual to individual.


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