Autism Schools Directory

Social Skills:

Kids with ASD find have lot of communication and language challenges and have trouble in making social communication .With increase in age the intensity of communication incompetency is further affected with the feelings of anxiety and depression. All these exemplifies the social problems and affect their social skills.

Examples of Social Issues related to Autism:

  • Poor or fleeting Eye contact
  • Delayed response or no response to name
  • Isolated play
  • Unable to interpret gestures given by others
  • Difficulty in expressing feelings
  • Lack of social awareness

Communication skills:

The individuals with autism may present with varied level of communication skills. They can be fluently verbal to nonverbal and intensity of this challenges can be seen in their language processing abilities. About 25 to 30% of kids with autism start developing the vocabulary skills by 12 to 18 months but by second birthday might lose all of it.

Examples of Communication Difficulties are:

  • Delay in development of speech and language skills
  • Repetition of words ,dialogues and sentences(echolalia)
  • Irrelevant speech i.e. gives unrelated answers to questions.
  • Meaningless words
  • Difficulty in grasping or drawing conclusions
  • Meaningless play and no pretend play.

Restricted interest/play and behavioral issues:

Individuals with autism often have unusual interests and behaviors like:

  • Inappropriate Play with toys , do not play with toys for what actually ther are meant for.
  • Obsessed with objects like threads, paper, cloth, bottle caps, wires, straws, key rings, plastic.
  • Lining up objects or toys.
  • Gets upsets with change in routine.
  • Smelling or mouthing all objects.
  • Irrelevant liking or dislike of certain food items, tastes, textures of clothing, etc.

Physical features of Autism are:

  • Low tone/ Hypotonia  muscle (too tight or too loose muscles).
  • Bony prominences are visible eg winging of scapula.
  • Flat Feet. Or lack of medial Arch
  • Eye-hand coordination and fine manipulation task are not well developed
  • Apraxia, (difficulty in performing planned movements of the arms or legs).
  • Balance issues in sitting and standing or while walking
  • Lordotic back or abnormal posture(excessive inward curvature of the spine or back bone) posture.
  • Clumsy in writing,eating,playing.
  • Abnormal reaction to sensory stimuli.

Other Symptoms:

  • High level of arousal or  hyperactivity.
  • Impulsive  and uncontrolled behavior, for e.g. acting without thinking.
  • Poor attention span, gets easily distracted.
  • Self -injurious / aggressive behavior like head banging, biting oneself, or others
  • Temper tantrums,  or  erratic mood   and inappropriate emotional reactions.
  • Lack of fear/danger or fear of fall
  • Hyper sensitivity or Hypo  sensitivity to  touch, pressure, sound, taste, smell, look or feel.
  • Disturbed sleep patterns and food habits,