Solutions to Sensory Issues Which Hamper the Daily Living of a Child With Autism

Saturday, 30th of May 2020  

Dr. Sakshi Bhatia (OT), Director and Co-founder of FutuReady Pediatric Intervention Services

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Who Can Attend?

Autism Parents, Caregivers, Therapists, or any other professionals associated with autism are invited!


Who is Dr. Sakshi Bhatia?

Dr. Sakshi Bhatia is the Director and Co-founder of FutuReady Pediatric Intervention Services. She is a Sensory Integration Certified Occupational Therapist and has an experience of 6 years. She also has experience in Orthopaedics, Neurology, and Mental Health. Dr. Sakshi has completed her graduation, Bachelors in Occupational Therapy (BOT) from Manipal University, Manipal in 2013. She is an internationally recognised Sensory Integration Therapist from the University of Southern California, 2016. She is also certified in Therapeutic Listening Program to help children with various developmental challenges.


See you on Saturday, 30th May!

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