Managing Autism: How to Make a Visual Schedule and a Task Analysis

Saturday, 21st of March 2020  

Dr. Neeta Mehta, Pediatric Physiotherapist

You can view the webinar recording below

Key Topics You Will Learn About

  • Importance of Task Analysis in Managing Autism
  • What is Forward Chain and Backward Chain
  • Visual Schedule to Develop Receptive Language in Autistic Kids


Who Can Attend?

Autism Parents, Caregivers, Paediatricians, Paediatric Neurologists, Pediatric Physiotherapist, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Aquatic Therapists, or any other professionals who are associated with autism, are invited!


Who is Dr. Neeta Mehta?

Dr. Neeta Mehta is a Pediatric Physiotherapist, Autism Interventionist, certified in Sensory Integration and Remedial Education. She is the Director at SAHAS Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre located at two locations in Mumbai. She has been working with children on the autism spectrum since almost a decade.

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