Food & Nutrition: How To Choose The Best Foods For Your Autistic Child

Sunday, 4th of August 2019  

Ms Luana Mascarenhas, Dietician

You can view the webinar recording below

Key Topics You Will Learn About
  • Importance of nutrition for growth and development.
  • Correlation between the ASD symptoms & food components.
  • Home snack and meal ideas for your kid.

Who is Ms. Luana Mascarenhas?

Luana Mascarenhas, Founder of CalRaid Nutrition Clinic and Consultant Dietitian, holds a Master’s degree in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics from Mumbai University, & is a life member of the Indian Dietetics Association and a certified Nutrigenomics Counsellor. She has tremendous experience working with families of special needs kids & has played a key role in the development and delivery of a State level Multi-level workshops for Nutrition for Special Children for Primary Caregivers and Parents of the kids in Goa.

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