Autism Diagnosis: Basic Screening & Assessment Tools

Sunday, 12th of April 2020  

Revati Raja - Child Psychologist, Renuka Gune - Applied Psychologist

You can view the webinar recording below

Who Can Attend?

Actually Autistics, Parents, Caregivers, Therapists or any other professionals associated with autism!

Who is Revati Raja?

Revati Raja is currently working as a child psychologist at Trijog-Know Your Mind Pvt. Ltd. She passionately works with children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum. She completed her postgraduate diploma in Music therapy, which she followed by a Masters in Counselling Psychology. She is currently pursuing the BCaBA certification. 

Who is Renuka Gune?

Renuka Gune is an Applied psychologist (Clinical specialization). She is currently working as a child psychologist focusing on assessment, diagnosis and therapy with children and adolescents diagnosed with psychological and psycho-educational concerns. She is currently pursuing a diploma in Arts Based Therapy. 

See you on Sunday, 12th April!

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