Autism : Adolescence, Adulthood & the Curveball that is Social Distancing

Monday, 13th of April 2020  

Lynne - AwesomismMom, Autism Mom Blogger

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Who Can Attend?

Parents, Caregivers, Therapists, Actually Autistics, or any other professionals associated with autism!


Who is Lynne?

Lynne is a mom of four. Her youngest son, Peyton, is 20 years old and autistic. She homeschooled all four of her children. She is a full-time autism activist as well as mompreneur & MomBlogger. She’s a lifestyle blogger with the goal to help turn autism and anxiety into Awesomism! She also published a book called “Mom on an Awesomism Mission”. She is in the process of putting together a podcast & loves working with and connecting with those who are interested in raising awareness, acceptance and activism in the autism and anxiety sector. She has also featured in Autism Connect’s Top 5 Mom Bloggers article


See you on Monday, 13th April!

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