Applied Behavior Analysis ( ABA): A Step by Step Behavior Modification Program for Your Autistic Child

Tuesday, 2nd of April 2019  

Ridhima Sharma Kirolikar, Pediatric Psychologist and ABA Practitioner

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Key Topics You Will Learn About
  • Learn about the benefits of behavioral analysis in autistic children & other children with special needs, and get answers to questions such as, “What is ABA?”, “Is ABA important?”, “Can I practice it at home?”.
  • Acquire detailed knowledge about different behavior modification techniques.
  • Train yourself to apply the techniques even at home with your child. 

Who is Ridhima Sharma Kirolikar?

Mrs. Ridhima Sharma Kirolikar is a Pediatric Psychologist and ABA Practitioner. She has completed her Masters In Counseling Psychology and currently pursuing her license as a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst ( BCaBA). She has over 5 years of experience in working with Autism and other kids with special needs. Her clinical expertise lies in the field of Pediatric psychology, and she is actively involved in conducting workshops and paper presentations in the field of Autism. She has also contributed as a co-author in two books, “Looking after children with Autism- A Handbook” & “A Handbook on Neurological Disorders for Special Educators”.

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