Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Mindfully ACT Towards Behavior Modification

Saturday, 6th of July 2019  

Gita Srikanth & Swati Narayan, Gita Srikanth is the Masters in BCBA & Swati Narayan is the Masters in ABA

You can view the webinar recording below

Key Topics You Will Learn About:
  • What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?
  • How can ACT help your autistic child?
  • How can ACT help parents?
  • ACT & ABA: What’s the difference?

Who are Gita Srikanth and Swati Narayan?

Gita Srikanth is the Founder Director of WeCare,CEO at ProACT and holds a Masters Degree in BCBA, Past President of ABA India. Swati Narayan also holds a Masters Degree in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) from USA. Both are ACT Therapists &  ADOS-2 Clinicians, who are PEAK Level 1 & PECS Certified. Their clinical work has been presented at global scientific conferences. Swati is also closely involved in creating IEPs for those enrolled in WeCAN for Direct Intervention – ABA and Early  Intervension. Currently, she’s the COO of ProACT Behavioral Services – the diagnostics, counseling and support services wing of WeCAN.

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