What does Speech Therapy include?

Speech therapy includes various techniques, exercises, activities and aids, which work towards improving coordination of speech muscles through strengthening and coordination exercises, sound repetition and imitation.

Speech therapy techniques might include:

  • Electronic "talkers"

  • Signing or typing

  • Picture exchange communication systems that start out using pictures instead of words to help your child learn to communicate. This can be done by the means of aids such as picture boards with words.

  • Using sounds to which a person is over- or under-sensitive to expand and compress speech sounds

  • Improving articulation of speech by massaging or exercising lips or facial muscles

  • Having individuals sing songs composed to match the rhythm, stress, and flow of sentences

Speech Therapy

Some of these techniques are supported more by research than others. Be sure to discuss them thoroughly with your speech-language pathologist and your child's pediatrician.

Benefits have also been seen by a treatment philosophy called Social Thinking. It teaches children about the relationship between how we think and behave, and how others respond to us. Your speech language pathologist also might bring out some blow toys and whistles and have "blow the cotton ball" relay races to strengthen muscles used in speech and eating. There are what may seem like more fun strategies to help children tolerate different sensations in their mouths, such as, Using crazy straws, a toothbrush that makes music, and blowing bubbles.


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