What is Sensory Integration?

Sensory Integration is the ability to process sensory information from the world around us and builds the foundation for learning new skills. Sensory Integration for most of us occurs easily whilst we are doing everyday activities. It is something that just happens without effort and without being aware of it. For some children and adults, especially those with Autism, sensory information doesn't get organised quite the way it should.

Sensory processing issues in children with Autism, can prove to be an obstacle to their ability to learn and respond to the environment appropriately. You may have noticed that your child with autism may show some oversensitivity to touch/ smell/ sound, being scared of moving equipments / climbing down stairs, poor eye contact, etc. They may also show a lack of awareness about their own body, or about the surrounding and seem lost in own world. They may have different motor mannerism, poor imitation skills, lack of appropriate play behavior etc.


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