Who can provide Occupational Therapy for my child?

Normally, occupational therapy can be found in most specialty hospitals dealing with autism, as well as special schools. Our exhaustive database can be referred to for a list of occupation therapists, sorted by country, state, and city.

Nowadays, it has become a lot easier to gain access to occupational therapists since occupational therapy has become a more well-known and standard way of treating children on the autism spectrum.

As stated earlier, most schools around the world are normally affiliated with an occupational therapist who is aware of the way a specific school works, and can help in framing the curriculum for children on the autism spectrum. Other than the therapists provided by a school, there are plenty of occupational therapists associated with hospitals. A pediatrician can also help parents find a suitable occupational therapist for their child, one who is either associated with the hospital or with her/his own practice.

It must also be kept in mind to always check up on an occupational therapist before starting therapy for a child! Even while surfing the internet for therapists, the credentials of a therapist should be authentic before considering that occupational therapist for a child. For convenience, our website has an extensive database of well-reputed occupational therapists from various countries, states, and cities.

Finally, occupational therapy intervention includes Sensory Integration therapy and development of age appropriate skills for Activities of Daily Living. Work and play forms the basis for further treatments, training and appropriate functioning alongside development. Children on the autism spectrum may benefit from occupational therapy, both at home and at school.

If this is done, children will themselves find ways to relieve themselves and make themselves feel better and easier in situations that cause them worry.

Occupational Therapy


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