What does Occupational Therapy include?

Occupational therapy involves the analysis of the child's functional or adaptive ability at home, school, and in other environments. It includes assessing a child's motor skills, perception and sensory processing, and providing treatment and/or recommendations to address the issues.

Occupational Therapy interventions entail:

  • independent living skills training and modifications

  • motor development and motor planning skill development

  • sensory integration and sensory-based strategies

  • positive mental health strategies

  • social emotional development and self-regulation strategies and programs

  • behavioral approaches, in collaboration with team members to support participation

  • peer group and peer-mediated strategies

  • social participation activities

  • play and/or leisure participation activities

  • cognitive-behavioral approaches that support positive behaviors

  • visual supports such as schedules, timers, etc.

  • technology recommendations in education and work activities

  • strategies to support personal responsibility and self-advocacy skills

  • approaches and strategies to promote transition to adulthood

  • work readiness skill development

Occupational Therapy


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