How often does my child need Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is never a cookie-cutter approach to alleviating symptoms of autism, and consequently, the frequency of getting occupational therapy depends on each child as well as each therapist.

Sometimes, it works wonders on a specific child to the extent that even after a year of therapy, the children show remarkable improvement in their social, motor, sensory, communication, and emotional responses. Other times, children adapt more slowly to the therapy and often, therapists need to continue making slight modifications to their approach in order to help treat a particular child.

The only method of helping speed up the treatment is to listen to one's occupational therapist and follow everything s/he has instructed. It's important for children to try to realise and to work hard and practice on their own. Some activities or exercises may seem weird to you, but they all have a purpose.

Overall, the celerity of the occupational therapy depends entirely on the child's progress, as well as the therapist. In some occasions, a change in lifestyle may also make an older child who has learned to control the symptoms of ASD uncomfortable, and lead her/him to seek occupational therapy.


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