Can I use Occupational Therapy at home with my child; if so, how?

The best thing you can do as a parent, is continually collaborate with your child's occupational therapist and follow the specific plan the therapist sets out for your child. Most occupational therapists employ a method of sensory integration with prescribed sensory diets where, depending upon the nature of the child, therapists use certain stimuli at certain points with a child to develop associated skills.

For instance, if a therapist is working on a child's academic skills such as reading and handwriting, a parent would typically help the therapist along by reading a book to their child or helping their child with writing letters.

Other than just collaborating with the therapist, it is also important for a parent to monitor the child's development and aid in the process of finding out what kinds of methods and treatments work for the child rather than just sticking to one. This would also help a therapist streamline her/his treatment to suit a specific child.

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