Are there any oral supplements that would help my child?


Vitamins and other supplements help improve symptoms of self-injurious behaviour, aggression and tantrums, and can be taken in combination as advised by your child's doctor. Always keep a regular follow up with your child's doctor.

Medical Management of Autism


  • Omega-3 plays an important role in the functioning of the brain. It also reduces inflammation and thus, improves immune balance in autism.

  • Omega-3 supplementation improves cognition and motor skills, concentration, eye contact, sociability and sleep, along with reducing hyperactivity, repetitive behaviour and aggression


Medical Management of Autism

Folic Acid

  • A small study of folinic acid, which is a naturally occuring form of folate, showed improvements in communication in children with speech and language impairment


Medical Management of Autism

Vitamin D

  • According to researchers, oral vitamin D supplementation may safely improve symptoms of autism.

  • In a study, autism symptoms including hyperactivity and social withdrawal improved significantly in patients receiving Vitamin D3 supplementation as compared with the placebo group.


Medical Management of Autism

Vitamin B12

  • Individuals with autism may be associated with deficiency of vitamin B12 due to poor dietary intake, poor absorption, or metabolic abnormalities.

  • Methylcobalamin is the most active form of vitamin B12, which is required for healthy development of brain, immune system and nervous system.

  • These supplements may help in controlling the behavioural symptoms in autism.

  • These can be given in the form of injections or tablets.


Medical Management of Autism

Vitamin B6 and Magnesium

  • The combined intake of vitamin B6 and Magnesium may result in improving social interaction, communication, alertness, and reducing self-mutilation and repetitive behaviour.

  • Side effects of high doses can cause neuropathy and diarrhoea.


Medical Management of Autism

Vitamin C

  • It is an antioxidant which prevents oxidative damage in brain, reduces metabolic stress and improves immunity.

  • It may help improve repetitive behaviour in children with autism.


Medical Management of Autism

Vitamin E

  • It is also an antioxidant.

  • It helps in neurodevelopment of the brain and immunity.

  • It has shown to improve speech and behaviour in autism.


Medical Management of Autism


  • Zinc deficiency is commonly observed in autism.

  • It is one of the important components for neuronal functioning.

  • Zinc supplements improve cognition and reduce hyperactivity.


Medical Management of Autism

Iron supplements

  • Iron deficiency has been observed in some children with autism.

  • This may be associated with psychomotor retardation, poor sleep, neurological and behaviour problems.

  • It has shown to improve sleep significantly without any side effects.


Dimethylglycine and Trimethylglycine (DMG / TMG)

  • DMG and TMG supplements may improve eye contact and social interaction, improve speech communication and increase tolerance and decrease aggressive behaviour, by increasing oxygen uptake in the blood and increases circulation.

L – Carnosine

  • L-carnosine is a naturally found in high concentrations in muscle, heart and brain tissues.

  • It has been shown to possess potential for improving language and behaviour in children with autism.


  • Probiotics are microorganisms which improve digestion and immune system.

  • They help to reduce self-stimulatory behaviour, aggression, stereotypical behaviour, hyperactivity and improve socialization.

Coenzyme Q10

  • It is a mitochondrial enzyme required for optimum cellular functioning.

  • It helps to reduce irritability; and improve communication and socialization.


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