Where can ABA be practiced?

ABA services for Autism can be provided at school, at home or in the community depending on the needs of your child and the services that are available in that particular area. ABA practiced for children with autism are often based at home. These training programs require special materials and a dedicated area for working. ABA practiced for behavior modification in children may include a couple of hours of parent training per week. These ABA sessions may include parents using strategies they learn in between visits.


Some school programs use ABA strategies within the classroom. An ABA therapist may also consult with teachers to help support positive behaviors in the classroom. They may also be used as part of a child’s individual education plan (“IEP”). In addition, community-based therapists may provide ABA in the home to children diagnosed with autism. Most large to medium sized cities will have certified ABA therapists, while smaller towns and rural areas may not. This is why asking about experience of the provider is important.


Where can ABA be practiced?

Here’s where you can find an ABA Therapist closest to you.




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