What does an ABA Program involve?

ABA program involves Different Teaching Procedures:
(DTT, PRT, Social skills, NET, VB, FBA)

  • Discrete Trial Training (DTT):
    Discrete Trial Training (DTT) is a type of teaching procedure in which your child is taught each skill separately in a structured manner.

  • Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT):
    Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT) is used to teach skills that form the basis of all learning. It teaches your child motivation, learning from multiple cues, self-monitoring, etc., which help your child increase his/her overall learning ability.

  • Social Skills Training:
    School and play are the most important functions of a child. ABA principles are used to teach social skills which facilitate successful school and play behavior. ABA teaches basic independent play skills, playing in a group, social interactions, etc.

  • Natural Environment Teaching (NET):
    Skills would be taught in your child's natural environment using materials and activities present in that setting.

  • Verbal Behavior (VB):
    Verbal Behavior teaches communication using ABA principles. It focuses on communicating the desires and wants of an individual and enabling social interactions.

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA):
    This branch of ABA deals with reducing problem or harmful behaviors. An in-depth assessment would be conducted to find out the reason for the harmful behavior and corrective measures are planned accordingly.


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