How does ABA help my child with Autism?

ABA helps children with Autism to become more functional and independent in their lives by working on the following aspects: 

  • Socially significant behaviors: 
    These are  skills or behaviors required to function in a society or group. These include conversations with other people, playing in a group by following rules and taking turns, behaving appropriately in public, etc.

  • Personally important behaviors: 
    These are the skills required for self-help, doing daily activities and personal well-being of an individual. These include washing hands, bathing, wearing clothes, household activities, eating, etc.

  • Academically relevant behaviors: 
    These are the skills related to school work such as alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, math, reading, etc.

  • Behaviors required to learn all other behaviors: 
    These are the skills necessary to learn all other skills. These skills include attending to tasks, imitating sounds, words and actions, making eye contact, matching pictures and objects, sitting in a place for extended periods of time, listening to instructions, etc.

  • Reducing excess and harmful behaviors: 
    ABA is used to reduce problem behaviors that may interfere with learning such as hyperactivity, stimming, self-injurious and aggressive behavior etc. ABA also focuses on reducing or eliminating behavior that may be harmful to the individual or others around him/her.


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