What are the benefits of yoga therapy for my child with Autism?

While anxiety is natural, yoga and breathing techniques can help kids with autism handle the pressures associated with peers, studies and their grades In practice, asanas may be difficult to perform for children with autism. This may be due to their inattentiveness, hyperactivity, inability to sit at one place and follow sequences of complex commands. However, some children with autism have exceptional imitation abilities.

It is believed that Belly Breathing or Diaphragmatic breathing in through the nose, helps calm the mind and centralise energy. When anxiety strikes and the child’s sympathetic nervous system is triggered to fight, flee or freeze, the child can be trained to focus on his/her own breath can help bring the system back into a place of calm.

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Sitting in Child’s Pose not only stretches the back and shoulders but can give the child a sense of protection and comfort.

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Practicing Tree Pose creates a sense of stability and expansion. Children with Autism may often feel anxious and may seem out of their bodies. The Tree pose helps to reconnect that presence in the body; the feeling of the ground beneath their feet.

This pose is great practice connecting to the earth while reaching for the sky. The balance required in this pose also builds confidence and focus. Tree Pose can be very empowering for kids.

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